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Apply to our exclusive ambassador program and get a chance to change the world.


What is the Plingm ambassador program?

We believe that communication should be free and available to all. That’s why we started Plingm Pals, an ambassador program intended to help more people discover the possibilities of free communication.


Why you should apply.

As Plingm Pal ambassador we hope that you will feel welcome to let us know what you think about Plingm. Being an ambassador means being in close contact with us to discuss current and coming features. We want to tell the world about Plingm, and we hope that our ambassadors will do the same by spreading the word through word of mouth and through online social channels. As a member of our community, you will be able to earn Plingm Out minutes, other exciting in-app features and join us in making Plingm the best app ever. Other surprises are also in store!


What are the requirements?

We are looking for dedicated individuals who can represent us both online and offline. To qualify for the ambassador program you will need to be a frequent Plingm user and have great online social skills. Kindly allow 72 hours for us to review your request.

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Which other social networks are you using?
Sina Weibo 新浪微博
QQ 腾讯
Renren 人人网

Why do you want to become a Plingm pal?

Fantastic call quality between Spain and UK even without WI-FI

Mark Sadler
The best voice experience you'll ever try :)

Ahmed Sheshtawy
Really really great. Was able to talk to my friend halfway around the world for over an hour for FREE
Yvonne E.B
Love u developer..... - Best app i have ever installed

Jp nic nics