Plingm - Free Calls and Messaging Worldwide!

Join the Plingm community and say goodbye to phone bills. Call and message for free within the Plingm network, or use Plingm Out to call those who haven't joined yet - it's up to you. We're all about freedom of choice and we believe that communication should be simple and fun. Welcome to our community!






Free calls:

Calls between Plingm users are free, regardless if you are in Dallas, Singapore or Malmö.




Messaging and Group Chat:

Enjoy free, unlimited messaging to all your Plingm contacts. You can also create group chats to add to the fun!



Plingm Out:

Call people outside the Plingm network at a low fixed price, both landlines and mobiles. No surprise fees, we promise.


Facebook-calling and messaging:

Connect your Plingm profile to Facebook to call or message your Facebook-friends - you won't even need to know their number. 


LinkedIn-calling and messaging:

Expanding your business network? Call and message your LinkedIn contacts without the need of numbers. Simply connect Plingm to your LinkedIn profile to start.


Super HD:

Enjoy a sound quality so crystal clear that you can practically hear the proverbial pin drop.


Free Calls

Plingm to Plingm calls are always free, and unlimited. Calling for free has never been simpler. All calls between Plingm users are free of charge, no matter what country you are calling or where in the world you find yourselves. Calls are free simply because they are connected through the internet (Wifi or 3G.)


Better yet- Plingm is portable. Not only can you make free calls worldwide - you can also use one and the same account for all your devices: iPhones, iPod Touch, Androids and soon iPads. Immediately after your contacts have downloaded our app, you will see the Plingm icon next to their name so that you can easily recognize them. The more people you invite to join Plingm, the more people you can call for as long as you want, for free.

Free Messaging and Group Chat

Plingm to Plingm messaging is free and flexible. Send messages to individual Plingm contacts, or gather a group together to start a group chat. Group chats can be conveniently labelled so that they are easier to keep track of.




Plingm Out

Plingm Out will never limit you to calls within the Plingm network.

Plingm Out is a low-cost way of keeping in touch with people outside of the Plingm network. This optional feature forms a great complement to the free Plingm to Plingm calls. Plingm Out packages are in-app features, and since the purchases are routed through Google Play or App Store, topping up is simple and hassle-free.




Plingm Out 


High Definition Calls

Crystal clear connections make communication fun! Switching over to our super HD sound is like switching from a broken record to a CD. SuperHD has such a high bit rate that all the nuances of the voice are captured. The SuperHD sound is so natural and clear that it doesn’t matter if the person you’re talking to is halfway around the world, or right there in the same room.


Connect to LinkedIn and Facebook

Importing your social connections is two taps away. You can use your Plingm account to connect to two major social networking sites with our Social feature. As soon as your contacts also connect their Plingm accounts to Facebook and LinkedIn, you will see the Plingm icon appear next to their name, and know that you can call them and message them for free. Let Plingm do the work for you - that way you can spend extra time catching up with old business partners and speaking with new Facebook friends.




















The Plingm Manifesto






Fantastic call quality between Spain and UK even without WI-FI

Mark Sadler
The best voice experience you'll ever try :)

Ahmed Sheshtawy
Really really great. Was able to talk to my friend halfway around the world for over an hour for FREE
Yvonne E.B
Love u developer..... - Best app i have ever installed

Jp nic nics